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Ok. So lately I have been contemplating a lot of things.
Travel, relationships, friendships, what I want to do with myself, my career, what I love, my passions. 

I I have been thinking of how I can pursue my creative passions.

So, here it is for me to document for myself.

I will have three Projects for myself.

1. Fashion and Musings Tumblr; For all my random musings on thoughts, opinions, going ons in the world, fashion, fitness, random creative things, generally a bit of everything and may I say fashion again ( because I love it that much).

2. Foodie Fabulous - Blogger; For all my food, fitness, health and inspiration. 
Not as popular as my tumblr, infact I am sure I am the only one who reads it but that’s ok, because I also have an instagram account!

3. Hidden and Renewed; The name of my new label. 
I will have a Instagram account for this too. While my friends know about my other blogs for food and fashion, they have no idea I have relaunched my own label. So it’s sort of my own little indulgent secret. 
Check me out at Hidden and Renewed - Etsy Account

That being said, I think it is also time for a change on my Fashion and Musings tumblr. It is so tired, old and boring looking. It needs a fresh look and some original material, not just reposts of things I find inspirational. I would really love some feedback or comments from anyone If you are a Fashionista or muser give me a shoutout or suggestion.


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I am pretty sure I would work out harder if I had this fantastic workout top by Juicy Couture. 

I am pretty sure I would work out harder if I had this fantastic workout top by Juicy Couture.